Honda CRF 450X 06'

Hmmm, this is my second model, getting better I guess. My racing carrer of 15 years inspired me to build this model. Still learning…lol


lol…my pics are so small…looks like I need a lesson in sizing…oops

Very nice. Hope that one day I will be able to do something like that.

Wow! The modelling looks solid but the rendering is absolutely horrible :smiley:

Please do some more work with rendering/materials/lighting, maybe try to render it with Yafray.

…and then again, Very good modelling!


Awesome bike! (Honda Rocks!) Very nice modelling - incredible detail! (But, like said, the render & shaders need tweaking (maybe AO?) as well as the scene…)

Overall, very nice, tho!

well, I raced Cross Country and Motocross in Texas for 15 years. I also worked in the business for 10 years and ended up managing a KTM Dealership. So, I will admitt that my “main” focus was “detail”. Unless I zoom in on certain areas of the project, you can’t really appreciate the detail. I even have the pucks in the brake calipers that push out the pads against the brake rotors. All I need is fluid in the lines and it would be a working system…lol.
There “is” some texture. example. the seat cover has a vinyl type texture and the engine block has a pitted, sand blasted texture.
Is there a way to make this show up better with maybe different lighting?
Oh, and I want to try Yafray, but am waiting for the web site to work again so I can get it.
Only my 2nd model with Blender. I really appreciate all help and all critics good and bad. It’s all good! Thanks to you all!
Tips and suggestions welcome.
Have a good day and thanks again folks.

Honda very small, but good detalizators!

Do you mean the “Honda” on the seat or what? I used a profile background image to do this model. Everything should be to scale. This model was built to be animated in the future. All suspension linkages and so on are funtioning aspects of the project.