[Edit] Inspired by the positive response I decided to finish the car:

This was just a test for modeling cars quickly using purely bump maps (two as it happened). The idea is to speed up modeling for cars that don’t require high detail, i.e. cars that are placed in the background of a scene.

It still needs tyre textures mapped, spoiler, and of course wing mirrors (which would need to be modeled the conventional way). But it’s finished as far as the test goes.[/img]

A first gen!! That was my first car! Great work, looks very accurate.

Some things to keep in mind as you continue with the mirrors/spoiler. Some of the ealier models (only the 84’s I think) only had a driver side mirror. Also, the DX model didn’t have a spoiler at all so there is really no need to model one, especially if this is just going in the background some where.

Of course, that info is for CRX’s sold in the US and yours does not look like a US model.

I don’t see where you would put a spoiler on that.

You didn’t make a front wheel well or all of the back one.

It looks all right, good for background stuff probably.

this would be perfect for use in a game. props, dude.

Thanks. It’s a friends 1.6i 16v UK model ('86 possibly? - not too sure). Great car, he pretty much lives in it! Not too many of them left anymore which is a real shame.

Spoilers normally go on the boot lid :wink:

The wheels are all modeled the same using bump maps. They could probably do with the Nor value increasing a little.

That’s a great idea. Can you use bump maps in the game engine? I’m not very familiar with it.

I thought I’d show the steps of how it was made for peoples info (click to enlarge):

  1. Create a very basic mesh model of the car

  2. Using the UV co-ord’s add a bump map

  3. Add a 2nd bump map for deeper features

  4. Add an Alpha map for windows, and set material alpha to about 0.700

5)Finally add the colour map

That’s pretty cool for just bump maps, though it looks a little blurry. This may be the Blender texture filter, so, you should check that.

wow. that looks great. nice job. :smiley:

could you explain step two a little more. i’m not sure what you mean when you say “Use the UV co-ord’s add a bump map”. i’ve been wanting to learn how to do this for some time now.

Do you mean the ‘InterPol’ button in the texture settings? I found it better with it enabled. I think a higher resolution bump map may help, but realise there’s going to be limits to this technique. I must admit I’m suprised at how well it really has worked.

Thanks. I’ve explained a little more here:

Basicaly you unwrap the mesh, and export the uv-map to an image file. Then in Photoshop (or paint package of your choice) set the background as a neutral grey (127,127,127). Anything lighter or darker will then become the raised or lowered surfaces. Draw the features of the car on like the panel seams, window indents, grills, badges, etc.

Back in Blender, load the bump map image as a material texture, and set the mapping co-ordinates to ‘UV’ (Also load them into the UV viewer and set your view to potato mode. That way you can see any mistakes without the need to render).

Hope that makes some kind of sense. I’m going to put together a tutorial on it soon, but stick a post on here if you run into trouble.

The wheels are all modeled the same using bump maps. They could probably do with the Nor value increasing a little.

No, I didn’t mean well as in good. The wheel well is the area of the car that’s “carved out” where the wheel goes.

You didn’t make that. So your tires are floating and there is no solidness to your car, it’s just some flat faces with nothing in between.

thanks Arnie. that helps alot. i might be able to accomplish a decent looking simplistic car now.

once again very nice job. :smiley:

Ok, misunderstood what you were saying %|

Glad to be of service :smiley:

Very nice, thanks for the tutorial.

I had never thought of using more than one bump map. That can also be great for background buildings.

I’ve just finished writing the tutorial on this method of modeling. I’d welcome your C&C’s assuming they’re not too scathing %|

Thanks :smiley: