Honda Hoverbike

I just finished this model, it’s kinda quick, about 25 hours of work, but I like the concept. Anyway, even if I like the concept I don’t like the renders, or the model. There’s just something bugging me, and it’s frustrating.


And older models here:

Newer version

Any thoughts?

Wow! I really like the textures you have. Although there is something about it that I can’t put my finger on of what is wrong…

To me, the windscreen and footpegs are out of proportion to the seat/tank unit. They need to be much smaller, and the seat/tank needs to be much bigger.

thanks for the tips and comments!

Now that I look at it after sleeping a bit, I must say I don’t like the windscreen either. The tank is based on images from Honda site, but I think I always could make it about 1.5x bigger than it was, just to get it in proportion with the ramjet-engine. Also, I dislike the cone. It’s just a… cone…

The front bit looks like a stylized bird…It may be what you were going for…not sure… but I quite like it…:slight_smile:

I personally dont think the windscreen is too bad because im guessing that if this were real you would have to duck under it to avoid the wind flow…so in that respect i think it works well… maybe just shorten it a little…

The only thing that looks a bit funny to me is the foot pedal area, it might just be me though…but other than that i think its pretty great…the texturing is awesome… :yes:

Well I like the concept! Its really great! The only thing that I can put my finger on is the matirials wich could be improved. great model!

O, and I love the windscreen. :smiley:

Thanks! I might make a few modifications to the body, adjust the foot pedals and change the windscreen, and compare the renders just to see if the modifications would be of any use. The windscreen material is kinda funny tho, but that’s raymirror+raytransp combo for you.

I believe something like this would rock

The tank and seat in reality are much bigger then they appear in the above image. With the rider tucked in tight, their helmet will be behind the steering head. So you need a tank long enough for the riders stomach, chest, and shoulders to stretch out on.

Thanks a bunch for the tip, pappy!

A newer render with better material and IMO better windshield.

I’m going to fix the tank next, sorry for not reading your message earlier! The seat could be longer and bigger too.

Now did the previously mentioned. The windscreen needs work. Also I need to get alot more precise. I hate all the noobish parts and errors, like the foot pegs, which drive me nuts with the simpleness. Also the engine thingy in the middle. Also the steering gear, also the lack of lights/other small details like EXHAUST VENT.

I could go on and on.

Progress, redid most of the body.

I didn’t do the footpegs, but I put the engine (from turbosquid, I got lazy) and I modeled better handles and the dashboard.

i think the render could also use some tweaking ,a different reflection map(hdr) might add to it.
Very good model you got there

Anything anybody wants to say about the style of it? Are the materials messy?

that’s dope as hell, and in ten hours of work. fantastic :smiley:

Sorry, more like 24 hours. I didn’t update the time taken :frowning:

aww. you removed the cool bird-like windscreen! :frowning: Oh well, that your choice. Nice improvements!

I like the way this looks now, but I have a suggestion.
I was thinking if you cut a horizontal section out of the middle, and move the bottom part up and back it might look a little sleeker and lighter.
I have taken the liberty of butchering your image to show what I mean. Just an idea:-

I have that version saved for later use if I get interested again, I might make a sweet roof like thing that covers it from behind, but make that part metal. Anyhow, it would make the rear part of the motorcycle look like a sphere, or a dome of sorts.

Organic, your modification looks unbelieveably awesome! I’m going to do that if I can :3 Thank you very much!

Here’s a quick sketch of what I’m going to do. Filter raped for awesome.