Honda HSV-010 GT

So, I’m starting my first car model, and I’m kind of nervous. I want this to turn out right, and not end up as an unfinished file sitting on my computer. So, I’m going to start a WIP on it to share my successes and pitfalls on this project. So far, I’ve got some of the hood, bumper, front fender, and door modeled. So, here is what I have so far:

Edit: Animation starting, computer moving too slow haha!

Can you post more images?Can’t see too much details of this model so far.
But it’s not bad.

Yep good start here. Could you post more images including wireframe and other views ?

Sorry, my initial post was a “late night post something” kind. :spin: Anyways, here are some additional images including one of the ref images:

cycles wireframe shader by Argus in the first image.

Looks like a really good start! Interesting car to model.

It is a very interesting car to model. I’m working on a HSV-010 GT model as well but haven’t gotten as far in polygon count as you have. Modeling some of the more intricate parts won’t be as simple as others so I’ve decided to use the Bsurfaces add-on to help with creating those surfaces.

All that being said, I wish you the best of luck on you endeavour.

Thanks man, good luck to you too! This car is deceivingly difficult to catch all the lines and tight seams. Bsurfaces is a good idea, except I seem to suck at figuring out the way it works, so I end up moving vertices just as much as if I didn’t use it. If you need any ref material, hit me up on PM.

Here is the update to where I’m at. The rear fender proved to be very painful at mimicking the sharp curves on it. Still not done marrying up the seams, but it’s my plan to tighten those up once all the topology is in place:

By the way, if anyone has any good ortho shots of the wheels in my ref image or of the tires for this car, it would be much appreciated. Back to the grindstone.

good work! keep going.

Didn’t get much more accomplished today (dang work getting in the way). Here’s the results of today:

Note: I’ve been using a highly reflective Matcap to check for bumps or vertices out of place by how the light warps on the model. Is this an accurate test, or are the Matcaps not accurate enough to see those hidden blemishes?

AO render of Potenza 330/40R18 with Option disc brakes. Materials will come later when the car body is finished.

Glad to see that you’re still at it! For Bsurfaces, I only use it for the harder to model parts. Otherwise, it’s just plain pixel peeping and vertex placement.

Update to my model so far.

Been very slow going to get anything accomplished due to work. They just don’t understand what’s important!

To do list:

Front spoiler
Side windows
Side mirrors
Door Handles
Windshield Wiper
Headlights and reverse lights
Tighten Panels together

Looking really good, I like that kind of cars, and the details really smooth. Keep going !

Very impressing progress!

great modeling so far! Looks quite hard to get it right…

Thanks all for the encouragement! Updated photos hopefully today. Hoping that modeling will be 90% complete today!

Not as much done as I had hoped today, but the front spoiler and headlight covers are done. All seems are sealed I believe, just have some aesthetics and the side windows left to do as well as the exhaust. I think I’m on the home stretch for modeling…

Modeling is complete. Moving on to materials and rigging next. Anyone know of an updated tutorial on good car rigging?

Anyways, I might have to reduce some topology on this since it’s over 2 million verts in there… Animation may be a little tough to render with that much geometry. The back spoiler has a light block under it, but may change that geometry so the exhaust doesn’t disappear in it.