Honda J-VX Prototype. Type R edition WIP. Update 29/7/04

My current long term project.

The Honda J-VX Prototype was created in 1997 and became the Honda Insight.

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Please click here to view. Latest renders are at the top of the page.

C&C appreciated.



Ah, I remember that car.

Your off to a good start. You should play with the fresnel and turn the reflections down a bit on your shader. Will look more car painty than chromey. Unless that is what you are looking for, of course. :smiley:


very nice so far!! Look quite accurate

A few q’s, cuz I’m also building a car.
Is the engine hood attatched to the rest of the mesh or is it a single mesh?
How did you get the groove lines for the hood?
Any goood tutorials?

your car looks like when it’s done it will be amazing :smiley:

Will do mate, but you know me and my reflective car paints. Shall tweak for next post. :smiley: Appreciate the advice mate, thanks.

I started the whole car from the hood using a plane, when I had the hood about right, I duplicated the edge verts where the hood meets the wing.

I then use this to create the wing. This just gives me the exact match across the seams. I used the same method for the front valance sections and headlights.

I will be detatching the hood so it can open, but at the moment all the body work is one mesh made up of the hood, 2 wings, the front valance upper and lower sections.

As for tutorials, there are many good ones, but I found working through trial and error the best way for me. Also use good blueprints set up so the various views are all the right size in relation to each other. Then create planes in Blender the same size as the blueprints, use UV mapping to assign them to the planes.

Also have lots of photos of the car you’re trying to model for constant reference. It’s a tricky thing to make a 3d car from 3 views, side top and front when it’s difficult to visualise the thing in 3d too.

More tomorrow,


Modeling progress day 3.

Windows are chrome to spot defects in the surface, they will be see through eventually. :smiley:

Rear section of door needs a tweak I think, there seems to be something pinching a bit.

Please click here to view latest renders.



Hi again, finished the back end.

Engine and interior next.

Please comment if you like my work. As usual lots of views and no replies.

Please give me some feedback.

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OK, I am not trying to sound like a jack ass when I say this, but the windows really suck. You need to reaslly work on the material for them. It needs a lot more spec and hard value and I htink you need to turn up the RayMir value as well. Try it at about 6 and then turn the Fresnel value to 1.5.

Also, the car paint still needs tweaking based on what I said originally.

The model itself looks really good. But it really needs nice materials to make it stand out. Along with some better lighting.


Thankyou BgDM, you certainly don’t sound like a jack ass. I’m holding back on the materials at the mo till I can finish the modeling.

The raymir values on the glass material and car paint are low to try and save on render times.

I followed your advice regarding the fresnel settings. I find the fresnel and factor do the opposite effect to what I want.

e.g. Raise both values and render. The reflections are only shown off the line of sight of the camera. The main area in front of the camera will show no reflections. Is there a way to reverse this? To make the reflection occour in the line of sight and the outer areas non reflective.

I have been thinking about rendering with 3DSMax, as the render times are so much lower than Blender’s and I can get better material results too. I’ll finish the modeling first though.

Been working on the interior today, will finish the dash and post tomorrow.

A couple more renders showing seperate body parts but still with the same paint and glass materials.
Please click here.

I’ll have a play with the paint materials again and depending on my patience may render a few for comparison with Max.

Please keep the advice coming my friend.



I think the materials look not as good as always because you render it with a messy bg. Last renders are better bcuse u have used a slightly different bg… more warm one… HDRI would do :stuck_out_tongue: maybe another paint color?
I feel weird when i tell such things to such a great car modeler as you (you have proven that) so if I am mistaken just don’t bother :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice model!


My friend, I am very grateful for any feedback and critism no matter who I recieve it from. :smiley:

I have a habit of rendering as often as possible whilst I model. This, as the model increases in mesh size, increases render times. The external renders which show the headlights take nearly 2 hours to render, this is with normal lamps. HDRI and better materials will follow once the modeling is completed and I have the time to waste rendering.

Please critisise and comment on my work as often as you wish, I feel I’m doing a bad job if I recieve no feedback.

New progress after today. I’m going to spend the next few hours doing some car paint development.

Please click here for new interior shots and wireframe renders.

Please let me know what you think.



Exported to 3DSMax for materials comparison.

A couple of different colours. The grain in the white paint material is a cellular shader acting on the diffuse fall off value. It’s a bit accenuated in these renders but should be better in the top two. This can be done with Blender using noise.

Please click here to view.

Any improvement over the shader I was using in Blender?

Render 1 has a higher reflection value (3DS raymir equivalent) than render 2. I think render 2 is the better though. More modeling tomorrow.



Looks good sonix!! Those 3ds max tests look nice. IMO the biggest detraction from the blender renders was the lack of ambient shadows. Some OA or a skydome would help a lot there IMO.

Great work, as usual :).


Nice model and I too think the second render looks better then the first one

Your render looks very flat…but really, nice model at all ! :smiley:

Thankyou. Modeling now complete, materials next.

Please click here to view new renders.

First render on this page is AO version, hence grain, of completed car.

Remaining two are a Type R edition I wanted to do, but are still WIP.

Marathon 7 hour render running now with raytracing instead of the Env maps. (Which take less than 5 mins.)

I have since tweaked the carbon fibre textures and change to yellow for the main bodywork.

C&C welcome.

That’s design man!!!
Great car…continue the work!

Thanks dhanielc. :smiley:

Minor mesh mods and different materials. Raytraced in 6 2/4 hrs.

Please click here, latest render at top.

Thanks for looking, any more comments or crits?


woah, dude, you still the man 8) 8)
:Z :Z :Z :Z :Z

It’s getting there now. Looking better with each update.

Now I think you really need to start working on the lighting of this to make it more beleivable. Right now, it seems to be very flat looking and washed out. Maybe try some AO and an Area Light?


Traitor mate, nice to hear form you, thanks for the kind words. :smiley:

Two area lights in the yellow render, one front one back, six sphere lamps around the car hexagonally, one ray shadow spot high above the car.

The last render of the standard version of the car, the white one, is an AO render with seperate raytrace and specular passes composited. Only reason they’re composited is to cut down the render times. I think this one looks the most believable to me so far.

Do you think the same? It’s this one, click here.

I’ve tweaked the paint a bit more and it’s starting to look much better. I did have a rear view with the new paint material, but disk corruption means I have to upload it tomorrow.

I’ll re-rig the lighting again and do some tests.