Honda Joker/Shadow (game prop)

I started work on this model a few months ago, had to let it o it for a few months and now I am back at it.

This exact scooter was abandoned outside of my house, all old and rusty. I just couldn’t help but think it would make a nice cg prop :slight_smile: Unfortunately in the few months I wasn’t working on it someone got rid of the bike and I hadn’t taken as many reference photos as I thought. :frowning:
But that’s OK. There are enough images of the scooter on the internet and I’ll do the weathering from imagination and other references.

I aim to make a game model I can post on Sketchfab.

So this where I am at now. C&C welcome (not sure why I would post in the WIP section otherwise lol)


Blocked out some more details around the handlebar.

Hi ToshiCG

this model is awsome the topology looks very clean and efficient. I guess you used subsurface modeling technique.
The details on your last Picture as a great improvement.

Let us know when it is finished.

cu faceless

Hey Faceless. Thanks.
It’s going to take time till it’s finished but I’ll be posting updates. Another one coming today.

Added a bunch of small details around the handlebar (not super visible in this image).
Also added some separation lines using modifiers.

Nice subsurf work ToshiCG

I like it!