Honda NAS

Honda NAS —> my next motorcycle


This is wonderful, can’t wait to see it finished !

a lot of detail!

some parts of engine


Very good


some new stuff


How you get the edge loops uniform like that is pretty great.

Smokey : How you get the edge loops uniform like that is pretty great.

-------> Ctrl +R -----> scroll your scrolling wheel up

some parts of engine

Another great piece of work kellyq.
Highly detailed and accurate. Can’t wait to see more
You are the master

In this image, how are you drawing the top of the fuel tank? how do you draw the lines. what technique are u using? btw awesome detail

I’m using curve to draw that line… it help me to find sharp edges on carpaint and define shape of modeled part of motorcycle, on this technique it’s important to keep the same number of vertices in all curves which create modeled object

Nice details, don’t have much to criticise… :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for the material of the cool blue metal!
btw: How is the bike going to work? I can’t figure out how would I sit on it so the air won’t rush against me, since the glass is very low.

this is amazing!! i love models with huge amounts of detail :smiley: cant wait for an update

thanks, It’s a very constructive criticism , I will work harder :smiley:

Awesome! I’m about to start a motorcycle model myself and I’ve got a couple of questions.

First, (if you’ve modeled any cars before) do you find it more difficult to model a motorcycle than a car? Secondly, how did you get the chain links to take on that shape (the only way I can think of is to duplivert the original link mesh along a [circle mesh or Bezier curve] path. . .)?

Speaking of the chain, it looks to me like the chain links don’t mesh (in the mechanical sense) with the gear they’re supposed to drive. Does anyone have an idea for a work-around/solution? It could be as simple as adjusting the size of the original chain-link mesh. . .

Awe-inspiring model regardless of the (extremely minor) imperfection, though. Like Alfisko, I can’t wait for materials to be added. . .

do you find it more difficult to model a motorcycle than a car
-motorcycle is more difficult ,this is also what the motorcycle you selected-naked is very hard to do because you must create engine also

about chain- I create 2 link(lools like bellow) , and curve circle
and I add for that links array and curve modifier

Thanks. That method works a lot better (all links are same distance apart, etc).

small update

love it so much, could you post a pic of the scene setup?