Honda nsr500 paint job?

Hey all, i am well on my way to finishing modelling a nsr500, but i cannot decide what the paint job will be.
I cannot find any textures for the real nsr500, but i recently acquired adobe photoshop cs3 extended, and i can edit, resize etc fairly well with it so should i try and create some uv textures manually by looking at photos, blueprints etc?
Or should i make it all glossy black?
I have no idea but i know there have to be some blender artists who are fans of bikes :slight_smile:

by the way nsr500 is a racing motorbike

I was asking around on whirlpool and stuff for a good blender forum, and a lot of people said the this one was the best because you get answers very quickly. Well, there is a post which was put up a day after mine, and it has 1000 views, and mine only 80. I know that mine doesnโ€™t have the interestingness(lol, couldnt think of any better word) that his does, but i need help for mine to become interesting. PLEASE!!!