Honda Ruckus

Working on a Honda Ruckus that I intend to upload to BlendSwap. I noticed there was only 1 scooter on the site :slight_smile: I still need add a bunch of minor parts but wanted feedback on what I have so far if anyone is so inclined.

Oh, I just love that - to be honest, I always really wanted one. So I love the real one and love this start. Looks very good. Now you can model att details for a month or so… ;D

I’ve seen one IRL, this looks pretty similar. How many polys?

Update - small extras, new handlebars, tweaked a few loops to refine the shape. Still more to do…

Farmfield - Thank you :slight_smile: - I fell in love with this when Rob and Big “murdered” 2 of em out on the show. I am very tempted to purchase one soon.

Kemmler - So far I’m at 18k. Not really trying to stay low poly but I always model with an awareness of removing unneeded loops. There are many areas of this model where extra faces can be removed and still retain the overall look, but that is not my focus on this one. Just having fun making something cool that challenges myself. :slight_smile:

Updated image. I’m taking a break from this before I texture it to work on a higher priority project. I have uploaded it to blendswap for others to have fun tweaking - learning - texturing etc. My first “swap”. I intend to be a regular uploader as a payback of sorts to all whom have paved the way before me. Ty to all the Blender legends! Now I must go learn how to do x…

Oh yeah the blendswap image -