Honda Shadow Spirit 750

never attempting anything remotely like this, proud of what i’ve done so far, no motorcycle background what so ever, help

gotta a lot of the big stuff stuck on some of the minute details i can’t see/understand ( anyone got a reference pic? ) what ever else i put this in focused critique for a reason

thanks in advance, WAM


IMO your model is a good start.

If you lack reference Pics, i´d look at the other metric thunders:
Kawasaki Vulcan Classic
Suzuki Intruder

You can simply combine those, all 3 Motorcycles are “replicas” of Harley Davidsons Soft Tail.
Would be intresting to take the most aesthetic features of all 4 bikes and combine them :slight_smile:

If you need reference pics of a Vulcan 800C, I got one, I can make shots as you need them and supply them. If you want to get into detail, i can also remove parts, like the saddle, tankcover, fenders…

And to extinguish all discussion with metric cruiser haters in advance, here HD is unpayable, they are about twice the price the Asian mounts are.
Mostly HD here is used by lawyers, M.D´s, surgeons and other rich ppl at the peak of their midlife crisis… hence: MC != Motorcycle Club, MC == midlife crisis :smiley:

I am “poor” but I am a biker. So i got to stick with a metric cruiser. They are relieable, cheap in maintainance and purchase and got some punch and you don´t need to take 2 gallons spare oil with you all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

1% FTW…
Reminds me, anyone here is visiting the European Bike week in Austria?

Back to topic:
I´d try to get a Clymer Repair manual on the bike you want to model, being able to model a bike is to understand how it is build. And i would start modelling it, like it is build - with the frame.

hey thanks arexma appreciate it!:smiley:

update: just adding more stuff starting to come together still stuck on the tiny stuff still got a lot of rough edges


still working, slowly but surely, added more details, still stuck on these wheels, need to start really working on the braking system, and keep fine tuning and adding more gadgets i don’t know the use of :smiley: