Honda VTX 1800 (Update 25/10/04 at bottom NOW WITH COLOR!)

Here’s my first attempt at a detailed piece of machinery (I usually do organics). I used a few pictures off the internet (I couldn’t find a real blueprint). Here you go:

Everything circled in red is probably going to be scrapped and done again for more accuracy/detail. A big problem I see is that the brake disc is far from the wheel, but that’s what it looked like in the pictures. If anyone happens to have some actual blueprints of this bike that would be appreciated.

The forks and bars, oh hell, the whole front end of the bike looks really good. The brake disc looks to be placed correctly. I wouldn’t worry about it.

The back half looks pretty good too. Not sure why you want to scrap it.


Looking good. Finish it!

Man, I need to check these forums out more often. It seems like neos just made a pretty damn sweet motorcycle himself (if you haven’t seen it check under ducati 998 in the wip forum). Now I feel a little discouraged.

Here’s a small update (I haven’t had a lot of time to work on it). Mainly I replaced a lot of parts with better ones.:

Nice update. The seat looks really nice now.

Keep going. This will be a nice piece when it’s done.


Here’s another small update ( I can’t find enough time). Again, replaced some parts, modified others, added some. And now for the engine…


Good work, I waited too long to get started on this myself, but hell you beat me to it :slight_smile: BTW I dont remember actual place, but try out ok l search for it. Its a great resource for bike images.

And possiblly a honda vtx 1800 blueprint (not exactly blue print but made up of images) is available at onnovanburgan site. Again search it please. As I am not on my actual PC.

Hope fully I will also get time to do this. But in the mean time I will enjoy yours. :wink:



Modelling is sort of nearing completion. Here is the latest pic (for those of you interested):

good work man, nice model keep it up. The engine looks really great.

I just built a brand new computer last week and I had some free time this week end, so I finished the modelling on the motorcycle. I think it turned out pretty good so far. I deleted the older pictures to speed up the thread. Here you go:
Basic lights + AO, no materials, no textures yet
1.3 million verts

That’s insane! Excellent job.

Basic materials rendering. I’ll start work on some textures (head lights, brake lights, treads, turn signals, etc.) Also, I need to soften the leather seats. I see a serious modelling imperfection that I’m going to have to fix too (big blue piece in middle too high). What else?
straight on:
more perspective:
one of original reference images:

that engine, and everything looks really awesome


With those couple minor exceptions you listed, your render looks more realistic than the actual reference pic…

Oh and perhaps add something for the chrome to reflect where the camera is? To simulate the black areas on the chrome in the real pic.

P.S. :o

beautiful. you did an excellent job on the modelling, and texturing! your paint job looks very rich. My only crit is the seat. I think the specularity is a tiny bit too high, as well as the hardness.

Love the bike :smiley:

whoa :o !!! Looks great! It looks very similar to my dad’s harley fatboy. black with custom chrome added… brilliant!

Great model! My only thot on the model side is that the rear tire isn’t fat enough. Lo-pro’s on a car are okay, but not so nice on a bike… coming along very nicely!

I would like to see you put your modeling talent into a creative venture: design your own bike (or whatever… :smiley: )! Copying something out there is a good excercise to sharpen your modeling skills, but taking the next step into the great “unknown” of your imagination is where the adventure lies! Your modeling skills are clearly sharp… go for it!

Now just model the business man in his mid-40’s driving this on a Sunday morning around the local highway and it’ll be PERFECTLY realistic :wink: This is truly the best motorcycle I’ve seen rendered in blender. I haven’t been on the forums looking for them exactly but this is the best one I’ve seen. Absolutely stunning piece of work. I can’t even comprehend how you accomplished this level of detail. Fabulous. Make some money off this talent!

:o :o WOW!!! :o :o Great Job!!! Looks great… Mabye you should put it in an environment. Great modelling and I love the paint. Just outstanding

You have talent man!