Honey Bee (finished)

final render:

Edit: this is the logo so far
Mielpampa is the product, Miel means honey in spanish, and the pampa is the name of the production area


I´ve been working on a flower and a bee for a honey dealer who needs some graphics
The flower is finished but not textured
The bee is unfinished, almost done…I´ve to study particles to make the hair…
I´m short of time, I´m looking fore someone who would like to rig the mesh.
After finishing this work, I´ll distribute the .blend for free

that bee looks great!!! awsome job on the model! i once modelled an ant and it turned out alright. im sorry i can rig things if i could i would be keep up the good work! im sure you will get this finished in time! :wink:

I love the flower how it is, great work. The bee needs two sets of wings, and a pollen sack… hmm or is that bumble bees that has a pollen sack.

bees have 2 sets of wigs?
i´m not sure about it, but it seems you´re right!

the polen sacks are made of big hairs, i´m not sure to model it or try it with particles. From this angle it´s not visible how wide is the leg, it´s much more wide than the others

I´m short of time because i never learnded how to rig!

The bee needs two sets of wings, and a pollen sack… hmm or is that bumble bees that has a pollen sack.

Bumble bees carry pollen on their legs, if I’m not mistaken. Looks kind of funny :slight_smile:

bees have 2 sets of wigs?
i´m not sure about it, but it seems you´re right!

I’d also say they have two pairs. Look at the foto you posted, on the right side.

yes, bees have 2 pairs of wings. and make sure your ref pics are workers :wink:

speeking of which I was just doing a report about honey bees, and i have a high rez pic of a worker i found on the net. (that bee looks young, that would explain the overly fuzzyness)

here, hi rez worker, if you need it of course.

greate job on the whole thing :smiley:

Wow, really nice modeling!

It’s funny, but on hafunui’s reference, there seems to be only one pair of wings, but with a shape that makes it looks like two. Hmm… no, I’m wrong, it’s two pairs. Look :slight_smile: (ohoh… I’m browsing the web looking for bees, and I found a site explaining that there are 2 pairs of wings, but that the wings are cling toghether during the flight… Ok, I bet nobody cares about that but I just had to tell it :smiley: )

Anyway, good luck for the fur!

thank you for the picture, it´s very usefull! yes, it´s fuzzy ut I can see the color and shape of the hair

Wow! I was so wrong! my model looks like an ant!
I have to change the head, torso and abomen…everything! I can use this model right now for te work, but I want to make a nice model to ofer it to the community later…
Thank you for the image!

by the way, here´s another image for the set

Do the honeycomb cells go straight down? hmm.

(Clean3d begins searching web.)

Good work, BTW!

Oh wow…
That’s…different. Looks a bit melted to me.

Hmm, this one too!

Odd. Perhaps I’ve been looking at falsified pictures of bee honeycombs all my life! :o Or perhaps it’s just the angle…

I wish I was good enough at rigging to say, “Hey, Avier! Send the .blend over this way!” but no. I’m not. :frowning: Sorry.

On the bright side, I really like the work you’ve done here and I’m very eager to see the final render.

(Clean3d is on edge of chair. About to fall off of chair…)

thanks for the reply clean3d
No, honeycombs cells do not go straight down, but I didi it this way on the first try and I liked it. I consider that image as finished.
Updates tomorrow!

another update
Tomorrow I´ll post all the finished works

Your image is dead :frowning: