Honey blobs and strings

I’m having a heck of a time getting my honey (or any kind of liquid) to not look like big blobs of very even thickness. I want the stringy honey look - where you have a drip but there’s a long string of honey. I’ve been bumping up resolutions, timesteps and diffusion settings. Eventually too high of time steps looks weird. Resolution seems to do nothing (I see people with great looking particles at only a 64 resolution division) … though it seems to help a little tiny bit but 100 to150 doesn’t look much different nor does it seem to be progress to my effect.

my domain is 5m x 2m
My objects are 1.4m around …

is it the scale? It seems even when I change the scale, it comes no closer to making strings and nice drips … just the same blob thickness.

like these drops clump off instead of making a string (in red)

If it doesn’t have to be animated, you could just do it manually. Or perhaps FLIP fluids[$] could help.

Yeah, I’ll try out the demo and see how that goes. Thanks.

So, it turns out, to really get this effect, I need to put a smooth modifier on the liquid and crank it up to 20-40.