honey i shrunk the mother in law (in finished products)

here’s my wc entry so far, i am going to make some more objects and i’m thinking about lighting it with radiosity to simulate florescent lights. c&c?
<edit> it’s in finished products now, i fixed the board and a couple of other things.

If only…

Only thing that I think looks odd is that the wall planks seem out of line. Even if it’s in a really old shack or something, I doubt the builders were that careless.

Its hard to tell, but it looks like her feet are pointing up in a wierd way.

I think it would be funny if there were more of an overhead view, with her looking up at the camera with an angry expression, maybe holding a rolling pin or something.

Hmm… a three-dimensional Gary Larson The Far Side… :smiley: I like it…!