Honeycomb Electric Guitar Design

I modeled this cool guitar design in Blender (Eevee).


Ha, that looks great! I wonder if you could have it made to order. If you have the budget Ben Crowe could certainly do it, though he’s usually booked up some way in advance.

Thanks a lot! I’m glad that you liked it. Would you really like to have one? We are actually making some real guitars with this model using 3D printing techniques. Apart from dedicating myself to 3D modeling and printing, I am a guitarist and I work with luthiers. If you want, we can talk by Instagram or Email accounts to order your guitar. Instagram: @mi_replica_3d or @guitar_embodies. Email: [email protected]

I’m not a player but I listen to the electric guitar a lot and I have friends and family who play. I admire something well designed almost whatever it is. I do make a lot of things from wood and I watch Crimson Guitars channel on YouTube quite a bit. Some of what Ben Crowe teaches can apply to things made from wood that aren’t musical instruments, plus it’s fascinating watching his insane and ingenious approach to making guitars. Good luck with making this for real, that’s a whole new level of challenge after the 3D CG version!

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