Honeycomb House


(DigitalNeutrino) #21

Wow , soooo good stuff. Would love to see a break down of this.

(BarbaraKaur) #22

Very nice… I want to be that good one day… I love learning Blender… It is hobby of mine now that I am retired…

(Si Rogers) #23

Beautiful!..very Nordic noir!

(enricoceric) #24

Thanks Bart ! and everyone.
Rawalanche : I simply used Blender particles to scatter everything on the terrain.
Okavango : For sure Cycles could produce such results, if only I took the time to seriously investigate in Cycles, would indeed be curious to see what could come out from it, but everything is there to give great renders
Grzesiek : Will prepare something :wink:

(enricoceric) #25

Grzesiek, duno precisely what you’d like to see, here are 3 clays.
More precisely, terrain is double displaced using 2 different textures, rocks are displaced too, the water has a normal map to create waves, leaves are simple meshes with few faces and mapped with opacity textures and everything else is textured of course and I mainly used bump maps to create some relief.


What did you do for the water displacement? A noise or cloud texture? Or something more complicated?

(bnzs) #27

hi enricoceric, can you say, and give the link to exporter which you use now for octane 4 for export from blender?

(Milan Stankovic) #28

Great work :slight_smile:

@enricoceric: can you tell what hardware do you use, since this is very good render time ?

(Grzesiek) #29

First, Thanks, this is what I wanted to see.

Second… WOW… so everything is modeled… NICE… Was expecting the background at lest to be textures only, but they were too good to be just textures.

(LordRaven) #30

Wow! This is so impressive. The first time I saw it looked 100% real!
I like the water especially. I would really like to know how you did that.
(You said you used a normal map, but can you be more specific?)

(FXR) #31

Absolutely photo realistic. My question is about your GI. I read your comments about the fog and haze. But what did you use for overall illumination? If you care to reveal that. Either way its really good.

(enricoceric) #32

For the water I used a normal map, just google for that to find plenty, and a bump for water round ripples.

(enricoceric) #33

As answered to octopuscats, I used a normal map, just google for that to find plenty, and a bump for water round ripples.

(enricoceric) #34

Ho, I forgot to mention it, the scene is illuminated with a cloudy HDR map.

(enricoceric) #35

I thought it was much more evident to find it but not as easy as expected, here is the link : https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=37879
Duno if you need to log on the Otoy site for that …

(enricoceric) #36

I used 3 x GTX 1070 :wink:

(rombout) #37

Stunning work bro!

Love the color grading and modeling. Very well done

(Christian Lipski) #38

Amazing work! The mood and setting reminds me of the Sci-Fi movie “Ex Machina”. Anyway, since it’s inktober and I found it quite inspiring, I decided to make some fan art, hope you enjoy it:

(enricoceric) #39

Ho, that’s cool and nice result :wink:

(0o00o0oo) #40

Wow, some of the renders feel like they’re photographs. Great job!