Hood elf. Just random character

Hi I’m doing a random character, started out as an elf , then moved to the hood . Just a bit of fun for me.

Done in Blender 2.90.1
Rendered in cycles.

Comments welcome.


Just did a turntable and a basic walk cycle…

Comments welcome

Did some doodling.

I finally started animating the scene , but I’m currently struggling with particles mainly. My pc cant afford nice simulations, with just 4 gbs ram. But I will find a work around, eventually.

Comments welcome.

I tried volumetric sims this time, ( I dont even know if that’s what they’re called). Anyways, the impact of what I was getting at is clearer now, I hope.

Hi. Here is the eevee render, done in blender 2.91. Lots of glowy editing.

Comments welcome.

I feel I’m done for the time being.

Cycles render , done.