hook and lattice ugly deformation issue...

Hi guys, I posted a thread very similar in the WIP section with many other question , but I think that I got a really technical isssue that I can’t managed alone, and this section is more well fit to this problem so I give a shot here…

I try to make a little toon character. and I have some issue with my rigging :

I use lattice+ hook to deform the mouth of my barbarian guy. but I see that I have strange motion in the 3d view and also in the render animation …; I don’t understand what is the problem with it, it seems to lag behind the mesh, that’s quite strange… …I parented the lattice to the head bone of the armature and the hook are parented to the lattice
if you have any idea, I would be glad to have any piece of information about that

here a little video of my problem lattice issue see on frame 10 to have a clear exemple:


and the blend file :



I’m on windows vista, blender 2.46RC4

thanks in advance for your answer…

hey people, it seems that I have parented my hook to the lattice, and the good solution was to parent it to the head bone!!! every things seems to be okay regarding this point now.

see ya

I’ve yet want to give a look… but had to get the ahrefs-links in the source code of the page to get the downloads done !?! :wink: