Hook modifier with weight-painted vertex group


I was experimenting to use the Hook modifier to influence a weight-painted vertex group using an Empty as the control object.

So I painted some weights on an object (automatically creating a new vertex group with a gradually diminishing weight),
added an Empty to the center of the painted area,
added a Hook modifier to the object,
and selected the empty and the vertex group in the Hook modifier.
But then the influence of the Empty immediately pushes the vertex group inward to the pivot point of the object, and no matter what Hook modifier values I change, this doesn’t seem to get better.

Could someone maybe explain to me what I’m doing wrong? Maybe there’s an alternative way to determine a soft vertex selection, in stead of weight painting? Many thanks in advance.

This is just one of those quirks of blender. To get the hook modifier to work, use “Ctrl-H” instead of the modifier panel. So your steps are: weight paint your mesh, select all the vertices that will be acted on by the hook, press “Ctrl-H”, choose “hook to new object” (it will create an empty for you), then in the modifier panel select the weight painted group.

I just tried the above steps and it worked. Even the weight painting assigns relative strength to how far the vertices are moved by the hook.

Ah, it works indeed, thanks a lot. The irony is that I already used Ctrl + H to add the Hook modifier and Empty, but the step I didn’t think to be necessary was having to select all the to-be-affected vertices in Edit Mode manually as well.


If you enter Edit mode you get some additional buttons in the Hook modifier - in this case Reset should do the trick.

That’s also a valuable tip, thanks!