Hook pops

I’m not sure if hooks are considered rigging, but I’ll post here anyway… sorry if it isn’t.

I’m experiencing issues with hooks. When I move a master hook to driver other hooks, if click to release the hook, everything is fine. If I press “esc” to cancel the transformation, the mesh that’s being affected by the hooks goes crazy. I’m posting a GIF to try to show what’s going on a little bit better. Any ideas what could be causing this?


These kind of update issues pup up now and again. After it breaks - try jumping forward/backward a frame and see if that fixes things.

That’s an interesting use of hooks by the way!

Thank you! Yes, I have to give it a poke to make it go back to its place, but it’s kind of annoying

Yeah… I could probably get it to work some other way, but hooks do a great job and are a bit cleaner looking.

If you go under the list of object properties in the object tab, expand the “relations extras” and try checking/unchecking “extra object update” and/or “extra data update”. Not sure if it’s a minor bug or a work-around to have things normally working faster, but from what I understand it’s one way of possibly dealing with it. (Another way is to reset an animation, like hitting the button to go back to the beginning a second time.) Just has something to do with how internal calculations are handled, and if they’re not baked into an animation - some things still don’t reset on their own.

I am able to update the objects by clicking on another object. I was just hoping there would be another solution :frowning: Thank you!