I created a great hookah. See here: :smiley:



Any criticism or ideas how to improve it?


Lol… that ain’t no hookah. It’s called a bong, here in america. A hookah is much more ornate and has several flexible tubes from which multiple people can inhale. My friend’s father travels alot, and he brought home a hookah from his trip to the middle east once…

And no, nobody’s lighted it yet.

It’s called a bong here in germany too. But I didn’t know that it has the same name in america. I tried to do it with yafray, but I couldn’t get good results. Perhaps I should spend more time for the water…


i was wandering since a long time, that nobody came up with a bong in this forum :wink: a glas bong was the first thing i’ve done when i started with 3d years ago :slight_smile:


  • the proportions are off, the bowl and stem should be smaller
  • the bowl and stem should be separated, nicer for cleaning :slight_smile:
  • your water has no refraction
  • the stand should be less transparent
  • add a ground or table with a few little things like lighter etc.

do a nice glass one next… i hate acrylic ones :wink:

its called a bong in england too :slight_smile:

its not a very exciting image…

looks for the blood shot red eyed smiley … LoL