Hooks - Unwanted movements

hi to all, i have a problem with the hooks and its constraints.
tube are nurbs beveled curves
the middle hook has the Copy Location Constraints only on Z and receive 0.3 influence from the lower hook (dx)

i show what i mean:

as you can see, there are 3 control hooks (green selected) for each tube.
this is the normal state.

if i rotate the gun body everything it’s ok. the middle hook goes up smoothly and i can rotate (Z) the main body (where the tubes are connected)… ok.
but if i rotate the main control body the middle hooks go up anyway and i don’t want this.


how can i solve the problem?
thank you.

nobody… the desert…:rolleyes:
ok… i will try a different solution…

mmm I cant say exactly why its doing that if you post a .blend file I would be happy to take a look at your scene, it seems that the control that is going up could be constrained in a way that makes it follow the main controller with an offset, double check who is parent to what in all your controls, sometimes is just a matter of unparenting something or parenting the controls on a different order,

You could also create a connected bone chain to drive you tubes as it might give you a more predictable result than having your vertex weights parented to floating empties.

Also check all the controls in edit mode are pointing on the exact same axis orientation, grab your controls hit edit mode-tab then grab all your controls and hit ctrl-n and pick your axis orientation select each control and apply the same axis to each one, if one of them has a different orientation on edit mode ill behave strangely when moving it in relation to his parent.

cool gun model bw, whats its gonna be used for?

hi, thanks…
I realized the reason: the hook moves because inherit equally moving on the Z axis, moving the main body. The solution is to use the drivers: the hook z-axis movement controlled by gun body rotation.

the thing that I would like to understand is how to use this system to constrain the movement of an object without being checked by others.

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see you soon with the working solution. bye

ok… this is the solution.
i used the drivers. the plane rotation controls the object movement on z-axis. watch the video with VLC

but… this is not the real solution… it’s a different way.
bye :slight_smile: