Can someone explain hooks a little more or point me towards an example or tutorial file? I looked in the documentation and I thought it really didn’t explain it well, in plain english.

I’m just wondering what they are, why would I use theme, what can they do for me?


Never actually used them myself, but this is what I remember reading about them somewhere.
Hooks are assigned several vertices and when you move the hook, those vertices move. Handy in face modelling for example: one hook 4 lower lip, upper lip, cheek bones etc. Basically, they stop you having to select single fvertices over and over again.

I think thats right

I never used hooks either, but what you are describing new_neo is bones really.

I think hooks are curves you parent bones to, but I am just guessing as well.

hooks are just another way to deform a mesh. you basically pick in editmode some vertices, press CTRL+H and end up with a hook (usually an empty) which lets you move those points outside edit mode. you can further adjust a falloff, so that the points are affected smoothly, and also use vertex groups (but i haven’t tried that yet). i could imagine using hooks for certain facial regions in addition to bones.

hope that helps a bit


Hmm… now I am confused, what does a hook do that a bone can’t?

what does a hook do that a bone can’t?


I guess you can think about hooks as a sort of point bone. Able to deform selected verticies according to distance.

Bones can be useful as they can be empties, or other objects. You could, for instance use a hook movement to deform a muscle, then drive that movement from a bone rotation.

I am working on an animation which involves turning a page on a book. I use a hook, as a child of the page, but with a couple of frames of delay to deform the page so the top corner of the page trails a little behind the rest to get a more natural feel.