hookshot cable

I’ve got a hookshot system in my game. Everything as far as the hookshot system itself works fine. I’ve come to the part where I need to make the cable that goes from the ‘hook’ to the glove when it is shot out. Any suggestions on a framerate friendly way to do this. Thanks…edit: I need to make only the visual part.
I have all the mechanics done. : )

If the hookshot just goes straight (like in the Legend of Zelda games), then you could just use one object or plane to represent the cable and just scale it along the direction of travel.

If you need something more rope-like, you’ll have to use multiple objects with physics and use constraints to link them together. As always, there will be a trade-off between how good it looks and performance. Having more links will make it look better and behave more realistically, but will cost you more processing time.