Hooray for the Support Forum Helpers ( and Coders! )!

I won’t mention any names, but as some one who helps in the support forums from time to time myself, I can’t help but note that certain people give a lot of their time to keep them running smoothly. It’s not a glamorous role, but it’s a vital one, and at risk of sounding like I am blowing my own horn, I just want to express my appreciation for what they do. I know there have been many times when I needed help, and they have always come through, or at least given it their best shot. And like the coders, they don’t get a lot of recognition, only the satisfaction of contributing to the Blender community. So thanks, guys. You are awesome. :ba:
(edit) also, I would like to add, that there is no better way to learn Blender than to participate in the support forums. You will learn stuff about Blenders functions that you never knew existed.
(edit) such as the ‘make cool model’ button.

Ditto on that, and I found the “make cool model” button but it’s still a little tempermental. At least for me.:yes:

I really want to help out in there, but half the time, someone has already answered, or I don’t know how to help :stuck_out_tongue:

ctdabomb, your sentiment is appreciated, and your knowledge base will only increase.

in a year or two I’ll be ready, then those n00bs will really have to watch out :wink:

these poeples are more or less invisible but doing a great job to continue these forums
which are great for eveyone from noobs to advance users
blender has a very steep learning curve and these forums here are the place to ask question and get annswers

hope it keep going as blender grows
so thanks to these invisible men

by the way where do you find this
such as the ‘make cool model’ button. ?


I’m so glad you mentioned this. My hat is tipped to them, and I shall endeavour do drop my occasional words of wisdom in there on a more frequent basis.

I do my best to answer any questions that I can and try very hard to (the typing equivalent of) keep my mouth shut otherwise. Way too easy to get into trouble when I don’t.

@RickyBlender: the Make Cool Model button is in the Cool menu just under the DWIM (Do What I Mean) command.

Indeed, I do love how friendly the Blender community is! People always willing to help newbies out.

Ditto. I’ve had a few discoveries of my own when helping other people out.

+1 if there is any question about the quality of moderation and help here then go have a look at other professional forums! OMG some of them suck hard. But anyway, I have found that if you want to give advice try and specialise somewhere. Look at an area that not many people feel confident using. Get really good at it and advice will flow out of you. Half the time people just want to know here the right button is :wink:

+1 I have gotten a lot of help there especially for areas of Blender I am still learning; rigging and animation

+1 , the support boards are the major interest, for me, of Blenderartist, it’s the heart of it.
Everyday there’s something to be learned from the threads in there. Thanks to everyone helping, i learned a very lot about Blender thanks to the support boards !
Be sure to share the knowledge when you can help.

Finally - a thread that I always wanted to open myself. Thanks Moderators. (&Modron)

+1 Appreciated for sure :smiley:

I’m so glad you mentioned this. My hat is tipped to them, and I shall endeavor do drop my occasional words of wisdom in there on a more frequent basis.

Me too. I especially am thankful for the nice answer when I ask a really dumb question.