// Hope // (Animation 4K)

Hello everyone,
Hope is a short 3D animation made with Blender.
I’ve worked on this project over the last 10 days and my main goal was to create something closer to a painted illustration rather than a standard 3D environment.
I’ve tried to keep the concept as simple as it could be, using a really stylized workflow, as all I’ve wanted for Hope was to inspire a deep sense of calm and tranquillity all along this 1-minute swan dive into a fairytale scenario.

Here there are frame from the shortmovie and an AO/test render of the scene:

  • The soundtrack used in the video is “Aria Meccanica” by Sergio Altamura, an amazing Italian guitar player and composer. You can listen to more inspiring music from Sergio at:


  • Hope was inspired by the beautiful artwork “Living on the edge” by the talented Joe Daniels. You can discover more of his stunning works and follow him at:


Very nice rendering style, the animation must have been not challenging to do, I guess;), I looked at your other works. congratulations.

There’s a really great mood in there!