Decided to create another quick little typography render.

As always let me know what you think.

I really like it. I like it how the letters seem to emit light. But do you think you could bevel the edges a bit.
It looks really good apart from that.

@Littlemonkey thanks. yea funny how it seems to be emitting light… its a mix between a toon and emission shader. Plus I also added a fog glow in the compositing. Yea thanks for reminding me about the bevel I’ll keep that in mind if I do another one.

I actually like the lack of bevel - it compliments the clean, clear lines of the text. Seems to fit will with the idea of shining hope against the dark dank ambiance. It might look better from modelling perspective, but I think from an artistic point of view it works better for me to see the hope as pure and simple as possible.