Hoping this is just a small issue.

Has anyone loaded an object into a large world that they have created and then all objects are no longer seen? You try to scale in and it will never scale to allow you to see anything. Except when you put it in camera-perspective mode. You can play the game ect, but it will not allow the sight of any objects unless you are in camera mode.
I am wondering if I am reaching the limits of my world in Blender for my PC. I imported everything into a fresh file and do not have this problem for right now, but I am concerned.

Could it be that your free views are somewhere flying around. I had similar issues when switching from camera to free view.

What you could try is to select a midsize object in camera view. Switch to free view and press “.” on the num block. That should move and size your view to the selected object.

Hope this helps.