Horizion of Proserpina

Welcome to Ceres, a very fertile planet in the Minerva Galaxy. Ceres was quickly chosen as an important colonisation target because of its rich biosphere and high ore deposits. They were especially interested in areas near the equator that were covered by a very dense jungle. Because of the diversity of species and several large ore deposits that had been discovered there. However, the flora in this part of the planet posed a greater challenge than first assumed. Not only was the air there so full of poisonous pollen that one could not survive a single breath, but the plants also grew so quickly that the first attempts to build a base were swallowed up by the vegetation after less than four days. Further attempts to establish bases in this part of the planet all ended similarly at first. They almost wanted to give up the project until they had the idea to re-equip a terraformer in such a way that it drew some of the toxic pollen out of the atmosphere, at least in a very small area. This did not make the air breathable, but at least it reduced the speed at which new plants spread and grew. A gorge with peculiar rock formations was chosen as the site for this first settlement for two reasons: Firstly, the jungle grew more slowly on these rock formations than anywhere else and secondly, gigantic ore deposits were found at the bottom of the gorge. Even though the gorge posed some challenges in terms of space, it was the best way to conduct mining and research on Ceres. They even used the engines of the giant airlifters to keep the plants around the settlement in check.

So within 8 months, a small settlement on Ceres became one of the largest colonies in the Minerva Galaxy, now called Proserpina. My entry to the #KB3Dchallenge

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