Do any of you have any nice ways of creating a horizon?
I have a desert scene, it’s the final shot in a movie, and the camera swings around to show that the main character is in a huge desert which reaches as far as the eye can see. I’ve got a big plane for that, I’ll add a few hills here and there, but I’d need something like this:
will just mist + the right colors on the sky do the trick?

it doesn’t have to be too spify, I want it to be simple… i don’t have that much time left before the movie’s due… (school project…)
What I really want to show though is the huge size of the desert: the character (and the audience) should feel very tiny and lost.


Edit: P.S. sorry for misspelling “Horizon”…

Edit2: I found Sky/Atmosphere which seems to do the trick for me.
But is there a way to make it NOT light the side which the sun’s not on? I want it to look like the sun’s rising. Atm it lights up the horizont opposite the sun as well…

Maybe DL a copy of terragen and make one then comp it behind the model?

Hm… sounds like too much work for a school project. may work, but what I have now is fine, thanks :slight_smile:

here’s a shot:

well that’s beautiful mate, nice one, well done