Horizontal Text Slicing

Hi There. I have some text “PURE” that i am trying to figure out how to “slice” it horizontally starting at the P and ending at the E as if it were cut by a knife?

It would look as if the bottom half of the text is being cut off from the top half. The size of the “cut” would be greater at the P and the smallest at the E as if the knife was cutting its way through the text but has not cut all the way from the P to the E.

Thanks in advance.

You have to model the shape of the cut, then set a boolean modifier on the text with your cut as an object. Then you can animate the cut. To hide the modeled cut from the camera, select the cut and disable all options under you Object Data panel > Ray Visibility.

To animate the bottom half of the text, you have to duplicate the whole layer in the same position, the move the duplicated objects onto another layer. On this layer, you can apply the boolean modifier and animate the bottom half. Then blend between the two animations using your favourite video editing program. I made a .blend file for this - the second layer is not animated

pure.blend (680 KB)

Use material animation http://wikisend.com/download/546084/pure.avi
Slice can be made using Bisect.

great, thanks for the help. I am not looking to animate as it will be a static logo. i need to get better at modeling as what i am trying to achieve is the shape of a knife blade slicing through the PURE text.