Horn-Extrude - Can it be fixed?

I was looking through the AddMesh Scripts section of the Python Scripts Catalog when I noticed the Horn-Extrude script. It looked fascinating, but then I noticed this:

There is a need to repair this script.
If you can get it to work in Blender 2.45 or higher.
Please PM meta-androcto or migius.

The original BlenderArtist forum thread is here:

Horn-Extrude (a real-time horn creation. V0.5 Now for 2.36)

However, the creator (eaguirre) last logged in to BlenderArtist back in December of 2006. I don’t believe he will see this thread or update it.

So, is there any interest in getting this script repaired to work with 2.48 or later?

I realise that we now have tools such as the “SimpleDeform” modifier with a taper deform and twist tool. (See Gabriel’s Horn thread) However, the Horn-Extrude script seems different in several respects. It can be used differently and has different parameters.

Anyone is quite welcome to repair this script.

from the authors site.

Information: This script is not tested, is intended to be use as a demo of the new Blender API Functions. (2.36) I will not give support on this, but be free to make your own modifications. :slight_smile:

If you do fix the script, please post a link here so I can update the wiki.

From the general lack of response I take it nobody with skills in scripts is willing to take a look at it?
Somehow I had thought this script would garner more interest.