Horned Mage Warrior [Head update: 1/9]

Hello everybody, remember me? It has been too long since I blended… lol this is my very first modeling project since… uh 2 years ago or so. :o

Here’s my WIP, I love critiques so spit it out. :slight_smile: I know edge loops are all wrong… I got lost where cheeks were… oh well… shrugs

–>Click here for bigger image<–

Welcome back.

I think this is what you should try. You have way too much verts, try to reduce them down.

It’s subsiv. I’ll post the original wire with solid surface (I don’t have that many LOL) tomorrow to help you see better. I finished modeling back of head and neck. I’m at loss for ears at the moment, but somehow I’ll figure it out.


Here’s the original wires (not that many like you think it was :P)…

And you can view the rendered 360* rotation animation… http://dm7.net/blender/face2.mov (approx. 6 MB in size)

Any ideas/tips on modeling a ear? :o

Sorry my fault: well in that case then here is how you should correct it

Mmm… I’m not sure what you meant by those lines… and arrows… :expressionless: Care to explain? Well I understood some, but some… I didn’t… so… lol

I know I haven’t worked on it for a while… I had to take a break so I could see it with new eyes. I was working on fixing some sloppy loops/triangles. I know it’s still not perfect. :slight_smile: But I got rid of a lot of triangles around eyes that gave a weird result when I move certain verticles… and now I have an easier time fixing it now since it’s cleaner. Need to fix that forehead… oh well. :slight_smile:

And… something to cheer your day up LOL (I got bored mkay?)

Nice work DreamMaster! The proportions are all there and the edge loops are working out, there is one thing I would like to mention. Was it your intention to make the character look anorexic? It just looks like someone who hasn’t eaten for a long time. Maybe you could fill out the cheeks a bit more, especially around the cheek bones. The area around the eyes help with the starvation appearance as well. Basically it looks like you can see the skull through the skin if you know what I mean.

LOL I have noticed the same thing. The problem is that I don’t really know where I wanted it to go… at first I wanted it to be a head with light bulb sticking out… but then I thought… nah I want something else than that. I don’t know. I think it’s more like modeling project unless you have some ideas?

I’ll try to fatten her up a bit :wink: LOL

ok I fatted her up a bit and defined some stuff more. I tested my tolopgy by doing a smile facial expression… looks like it’s going good.

Just some more boredom playing around…

Update #2
Cleaned up the mess some more especially around eyes and nose. Fixed mouth a bit.
Any topology suggestions? Any idea? :slight_smile: Soon I’ll do ear modeling… I’m scared… lol :expressionless:

Since I was scared to do ears yet… I decided to go ahead and put more details for the face and personality-ize it. :stuck_out_tongue: I still need to clean some mess i did with the eyes… :stuck_out_tongue: shouldn’t be too hard though.
http://dm7.net/blender/facewip31.jpg http://dm7.net/blender/facewip32.jpg http://dm7.net/blender/facewip33.jpg

I tried to work on ear… and never mind :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s what I got from playing around lol… kinda like it even though all was made out of producal textures.

Edited: 360* animation is rendered. It is around 8.65 MB in size.

cloned post oops

Fixed face a bit… will show wire later.

I like it but the last couple renders really look like the guy needs glowing green eyes lighting everything. That would be awesome.

Very good so far. Did you use any kind of fog in the last one? It looks like he’s kind of under water. If that is the case maybe a less tightened (smiling) expression. Perhaps give the mouth more of a slack jaw look so it doesn’t seem like he’s enjoying being submerged for no reason. lol. Still very good though I don’t see what you intended the horns for. They are slightly out of place in your composition though it is still an excellent peace.

LOL I don’t know what I’m doing to be honest. I’m just seeing how it comes together by playing around. I always do that with my 2d art… Just playing around 'til it becomes something. We’ll see how it goes ROFL. I’m thinking maybe I can make it look like he/she is trapped underwater with ice surface. I’m going to model hands and a new set of clothing (this clothing on at the moment is just a temp. one).

It would be interesting. :smiley:

You’ve used an interesting way to get out of modeling ears: Give it horns.
Good work with the procedural textures. It shows that procedurals aren’t for wimps and losers.

Updated: I wasn’t going to model body lol, but… yeah look what I did… :o


Reworked on chest topology. :slight_smile: Enjoy!