Horned reaper

hey here’s a WIP of my latest project, it’s once again for the Dungeon keeper mod. C&C’s appreciated :smiley:

looks good, maybe a smoothed version and a wireframe version will be nice!

I’ll smooth it once it’s finished, and a wireframe with the next update.

He looks a little bit flat around the breast. He doesn’t breath a lot, does he? :slight_smile:

K just updated the pic. I still have to get to the axe’s materials. And fix his chest up a bit more. But he’s almost done :smiley:

chain around waist needs a little dangling, too strait. And Nose ring is a little small for his nose

not bad, but i think the mouth is too big and the teeth look very unrealistic and kinda 2d, also he looks a bit short…

other then that it cool

Well the teeth and mouth probaly arn’t gonna change anymore, as this is for a mod, and that’s exactly what the real mouth looks like.

Ok updated the pic again. Just added some shoulder plates, and his loin plate :stuck_out_tongue: The axe is still totaly messed up, but I’ll get to that.

The head is quite good, allthough the eyes look “glassy”.
The shoulder area is just terrible wrong, sorry. Use some reference. You might want to check fineart.sk, if there’s something usable from their samples.
The body is just a big hulk, totaly lacking definition.
Hooves might look better in black.
Chain is nice, but looks like it’s floating around the body, because body is deep in shadows there, but the chain is in bright light.
The hands are good (judging from this angle). Of course you will need to close one hand around the axe.

It’s kinda cool :smiley:

about the model; he has X-legs and I think he would look scarier and bigger … and stronger :stuck_out_tongue: if he had O-legs … and the arms maybe should be a bit more inwards …

and about the textures… I think he’s too clean. The skin could use some variation and especially the metal could use some bumpmapping, say Stucci wall in …

And last but not least, the ground is very pixely :slight_smile: that doesn’t have anything to do with the model itself, but I think the image would improve greatly if you changed the sizeX and Y of the ground texture… The better the image looks, the better your model looks :slight_smile:

I like him! … keep going :slight_smile:

I noticed 2 things, both really nitpicky:
1)There are lines at the top of the hooves.
2)It looks like there is skin going up the horns (on the top of his head) in a straight line. I dont know your concept, but it seems to me like either there should be a ring of skin around it (like a rhino) or like the ones on the bottom of the head. Also these horns appear to become more boxlike as the get to the head, looking more like a rectangle with rounded corners instead of a circle. It may just be this perspective, but these horns were really kind of the main object of the scene. It goes into a lot of art principles, but basically they stand out as the focal point of the picture.

Nice work Mr_Bomb!
I like his eye brows and horns especially.
I reckon he’d look better if he was a bit thinner/taller? Maybe stretch his neck a little?
Also how about giving him some goat ankles - the ones that look like reverse knees?

Thx for the comments guys. I may dirty up the skin a bit, but not sure, as the current skin isn’t what your gonna see in the game. Just added it as it’s much easier to tell what needs fixed :smiley: SHould have another update real soon.