Horned Rock Family

I’d like to make the rocks more life like. Perhaps more of a sheen to the texture. I’d appreciate your suggestions.

these are all procedural textures.

Planet texture has some lines running through it. I don’t know where it’s coming from.

The planet could use some additional details on it to help it look more desolate.



I don’t see the image.

try this http://blender.web1000.com/Horned%20Rock%20Family.jpg

woah it redirected me too a porn site . nice pictures u got :P. try figureing out whats goin on.

image doesn’t work and both links lead to a porn site. :-?

It works fine here, I can only guess that it’s being hijacked somehow. It’s a US site and I’ve used it many times on Elysiun beofre with no problems… What country do you reside in?

I’ll email my web services to see what’s happening.

I checked with my ISP and they say “We are a hosting service intended for viewing by people in the United States. People from other places may sometimes have difficulty viewing your site”

I can select one country to make it easier for them for viewing so I selected the Netherlands. I guess it’s time to find another web host.

Sorry for the confusion.

no thats alright confusion good i like the site :smiley: j/k,

Glad to oblige. Wish I could see it. Perhaps I should change the post to “Horny Rock Family” :wink:

LOL! :smiley:

Or you could find a decent place to host your files…

Like I said above, time to get a new host.