Horrible artifacts on an oreo cookie (solved)

I made an oreo cookie with a bite out of it. When I went to render it, it had these awful artifacts.

It’s a fairly simple mesh, lit by a sun lamp (I’ve also tried hemis, spots, and point lamps, same problem.) The normals are all pointing out of the mesh. Here is the filling with normals showing.

There is nothing particularly fancy about the material, low spec, low hardness, a stucci bump map on the cookie part, mapped to nor at value 2.0.

Any ideas on what could be causing this? Should I post the blend?

Try using autosmooth or adding an edgesplit modifier

Thanks, Morio, autosmooth worked. :smiley:

part of the problem is all those long thin faces side by side. i think it would be best to make the mesh denser, like a fishing net, instead of stacked boards, then give it a subsurf modifier and set smooth.

You’re right, of course, Modron. Almost everything I model uses subsurf level 2 and set smooth. Only this one was a simple little, “let’s see if I can make a half eaten cookie” project, and I was kind of shocked to see those artifacts show up.

It all worked out. Have a cookie? :wink:

it would look cool if you had the texture affect the normals…it would have tht bumpy look then.

The texture does affect the normals. Lacking any other cues, though, it’s hard to tell whether the cookie has bumps or embedded chocolate chips.