horrible monster i made

well this is the first post where im sharing any of my work to anybody let alone a giant forum, since the switch from blender249 to blender 25 series has kind of forced me to actively participate in the forums i figured id post this.

here is a horrible monster i made for fun. the blend ended up being way bigger than the file size limit so heres the link to the blend file https://sites.google.com/site/jamnportfolio/

when i made the rig for the model i wasn’t planning on sharing it with the community until way after the fact so using the rig might feel a bit rough and feel like olde blender but it definately works.



I don’t have a chance to download the file, beacuse I bougth a netbook instead of a computer :no:.

But, you are right tho… It does look pretty horrible =P

Fort Ash