Horrible problem with soft body in game engine

Hello people
I have really horrible problem with soft body ing blender game engine. If I add some object and I make it rigid body (wtih collision, etc.), all it’s ok and work. But: If I make some object soft body (in game engine, not in blender render), after start the game, this object is bigger and it fall down (and ignore all physic). If I stop game, object has usually size. But this problem is only sometimes. Sometimes i start the Blender, switch to game engine and add some soft body object. I edit soft body parameters of this object, and after it, i start game, and object is really soft body. But it can be the same parameters, as object in first situation (soft body doesn’t work)!!! So, it have to be, bug in Blender! But I dont believe Blender has so horrible bug, but i cant find any solve in internet tutorials, etc. Please, does somebody know, what i do wrong? I use blender 2.61, but i have this problem in all 2.5x blender versions too.

Could you upload a .blend here or to PasteAll? It’s a bit hard to understand what you mean, thanks.

So, i tried edit object in edit mode. So, if i make it smaller in edit mode, it isnt big in game. Becasue, i think, soft body in game engine, use initial size of object; i add object and i make it smaller in object mode. But if it is soft body, in game engine will be initial size. But if i edit in edit mode, game engine use size (=shape) of object which a set in edit mode. So, i tried work with it, and i finded, soft body in game engine will be works good, only if i set triangle mesh at soft body object in collision bound panel (physic menu). Because if i set convex hull, physic is very… interesting, but really not realistic - I dont know reason of it.
OK, i think, problem is partly solved. But thank you for interest about this problem.

And “rigid to soft body” and “soft to soft body” must be enable for physical interaction with static objects.

Try apply scale for the size issue. (Ctrl+A I think)

To sdfgeoff:
Great!! it works!
Thank you very much!