Horror adventure game

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I am currently making my (second ever :smiley: ) adventure game. It is horror, adapted from one of my short stories :slight_smile:

Gfx were made using Blender mostly (eg all of the room objects), but some are 2d/pixel (the character and some items)…


Looks interesting, will it be a point and click game?

(KyriakosCH) #3

Yes :slight_smile:

I will post some rooms later on; it is for a contest of sorts…

(KyriakosCH) #4

Ok… here are a few more screens!!!

(Harper) #5

Nice! What’s the brief plot?

(KyriakosCH) #6


It is adapted from one of my short stories…

The protagonist is in dire straits, and has a terribly menial job. He tries to become famous and break through all that, by undertaking something very difficult - and not in his field either. That is to solve a mathematical problem which remains with no proof.
But then something very strange happens. Which may prevent him from carrying on (?). :slight_smile:

(KyriakosCH) #7

The protagonist is stuck working a menial job, yet aspires to make a real breakthrough: he recently started working on a solution for a famous mathematical problem. He is of the view that when he does provide a proof, he will become known, respected, and his financial issues will be over.

And yet, just as he was apparently nearing a breakthrough regarding the mathematical problem, another problem - one lurking in his inner world, and manifesting in a series of dreams - will demand to be solved first, if he is to go through with his plans…

Story and gfx: Kyriakos Chalkopoulos

Original music: Mileva Anastasiadou

Created in September 2018

Dl (for free) at https://kyriakosch.itch.io/the-object-of-all-dreams

I hope you like it - again there are some issues, but I think that the story (and music) are nice :slight_smile:

(alf0) #8

amazing, this is the kind of games my brother likes !!!

(KyriakosCH) #9

Thanks :slight_smile:
It may be worth a try; the character animation is rather bad (i can’t do animation, and i created the character in 2d :blush: ) but i think that the story and music are good :slight_smile: