Horror character for Game

I saw that Andrew Price put up a new contest. So I decided to enter in it and here is what i have done


Here is an update on the model.
Haven’t had time to work on it until today so I’ve been trying to get the shirt to look good.
also I’ve added the hands


I think I’ve finish the sculpting
next will do the re topology


I know it been a weeks since I uploaded an update been busy with other projects. I did the retopology a few different times. the first one was a high poly version, Then I decided to make him low poly, because I’m working on a horror game and needed a horror character for it. So I won’t be able to enter the contest.

Here is the model for the game.


Here is a update on the model did the mask hands and shirt

still have a lot to do on the mask before i’m done with it.


Here’s another update, did more work on the mask and got the sculpt on shirt kinda done. Need to redo the shirt texture.
then after I do that will get to work n the pants and shoes


Here is another update I got the shirt looking better. Sculpted pants and shoes


started to work on hair still needs to do a lot of work on it.


I don’t have any crits, but keep at it. I know I wouldn’t want him chasing me!

It’s nice, but somehow cute more than scary atm :stuck_out_tongue:

I will sliced3d, and he like to watch people suffer in agonizing pain.

Yeah Arman, I need to work more on making him scary.

Here is a new update on the hair I think I got the way I want. Still need to add the fine details of the hair.

I got the hair done next is to add the dirt and blood on the clothes

Got some work done on the horror character added so detail to the clothes

Added some more details