Horror Contest Game - Early Screenshots

I’ve started work on my game for the horror contest, but I’ve picked up a new direction. I’m going to make it a 3rd person game in which you have to figure out what is going on (you wake up and the world is different) I haven’t quite figured out the story yet, but there will be houses, trick-or-treating, enemies, and some kind of terrible evil lurking inside the house behind the black gates…

It won’t be all serious though, I’m trying to make a stylistic, colorful artistic style in the game, and there will be sharp controls and cool music. I am also planning on making EVERY single texture, sound, music, model, and dialogue in the game, and so far, all of the textures are hand-made in either the GIMP, or blender.

Anyway, here are some screenshots:


Anyway, any ideas or thoughts are welcome. :slight_smile:

Looks very artistic and interesting. The lights are pretty awesome hanging there, did you use an add texture for the glow effect? Is that door a portal to another world, or does it just look funky :slight_smile: Good work with the lighting it looks pretty moody. Make sure to have a lot of atmospheric sounds to increase the feel.

A good start lemmy, looking forward to seeing this progress!

It’s a nice mood and setting you’ve created. Nothing to crit since it’s early development and you’re probably changing/adding a lot of the scene still.

Good to see people are still working on the contest. Compared with the number of participants there’s been very little shown here on the forum.

Ive already done alot of work on my project, i just dont want to show anything until i release it…its going to be a suspence game, so the environments and monsters have to be a surprise! :wink:

Thanks, everyone! The glow is made using the add effect, as saluk guessed. :slight_smile: I’m planning on making at least 3 different streets, all with different styles. Each house is going to look different(well, most will anyway) :wink:

that’s peculiar, why do I get a 403 error when I don’t specify my referrer on those images?

Nice screenshots, but I think you mean first-person, not third.

PlantPerson: Thanks, but that’s just the environment, not a gameplay screenshot. It will be a 3rd person game. :slight_smile:

z3r0 d: I have hotlink protection, and I’ve set up elysiun to be an exception. :slight_smile:

looking good lemmy, cool textures 8)

Lemmy, nice screens, I really like the bright licht coming from the pumpkins, I hope it would turn out really cool to walk around and play the game. :smiley:

Sounds like fun lemmy, I hope you’ll have some cool mood music to go with that scene :slight_smile: