Horror Entry Preview

I decided to try something a little different from anything I’ve done before for this contest.

The gameplay will be focused more on puzzle solving rather than the doom3 style of repetitive monster killing. I intend to create a sense of horror more through psychological means than repeatedly having monsters jump out at you. Though I may include monsters and combat if I have the time, they will be used sparingly.

I basically wanted to do something that would challenge my programming skills :).

Features so far:

Mouse cursors which change depending on the target/action.
Dynamic lighting.
Object inventory/usage system.
Static cameras which change the viewpoint depending on player position.


yeah, i think that plain old hack en slash is noy very scary. you really have to get into the player’s mind to scare them these days. a psychological thriller should do just that. i am really interested in how your game turns out.

Andy you know if you need some tracks I’m more than welcome to lend a hand. I have a long trip with you in the developmental field and I know you suck at music however I suck at the programming part and I’m going to need some help on the scripts… Just a thought. :smiley:

looking good andy…is that steve lol?

that looks great Andy, your textures look real nice.

Wow that looks great.

The textures and lighting really give it a moody atmosphere.

looking good andy! :smiley:

ive taken a similar approach to the contest as you have actually…instead of what i usually like making(mindless shooting), mines giong to be focused on suspence…as a matter of fact there is only 1 monster in the entire game.

Yeah, If I can ever get mine started, it will be a deeply scary psychological thriller with LOTS of disturbing stuff, and very creepy environments. :smiley:

The opposite of what I’ll be going for, but I actually like this kind of game better myself. Hope it turns out great, its looking good so far!

Thanks for all of your comments! They keep my motivation up to work on the project, even though I don’t have a lot of free time at the moment.

Here’s a couple further screens, which are probably the last I will show before release since I don’t want to spoil too much of the game.

Here’s the current room I’m working on, which is a kind of lobby area.


Here’s a work in progress of a monster. You can’t see a lot, but that’s the idea. He moves through the shadows, and you often only catch a glimse of his blades.


My current working method is to punch out as much content as possible, instead of spending a lot of time perfecting details. This should result in more of a complete game in the time available.

That sounds like a very good plan, especially if you don’t have much spare time.

The progress ib your game looks perfect, and I like the way you think about how to create a game. Keep working on it, I think it will turn out really positief. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking lovely Andy :D, i think it is steve :smiley: lol

i think it is steve

indeed it is…note to everyone else: steve is the main character for vertigo as well.

LOL :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the Steve model is my creation :wink:

With the many hours of work and refinements I’ve made to optimise him for the engine, he deserves some reuse. Plus modelling/texturing/animating a whole character from scratch would have severely cut the amount of time available for working on other aspects of this game.

With each game I make I aim to progress in quality. This does mean building on previous work…

:smiley: yup, go Andy :stuck_out_tongue: