Horror Entry

Hey everyone here is my unfinished entry for the contest, I have no more
time to work on it…
so here it is

you need a full python install to play :slight_smile:

have fun

Wow, that’s a whole lot of scripts. It’s a great start, but it’s really unfinished like you said. Maybe I just couldn’t find the keys but all I could do was move the character around. He couldn’t punch kick or anything.

Really hope you could continue to work on it in the future. Has potential to be a real cool 3d fighting game.

Lol, you should really ask Timothy or Theeth back for your nick, Snailrose.

Jason Lin

Thanks for the reply

The controls are

w ->forward
s ->back


change camera->tab

base attacks:

duck attacks:

the difficulty level (or) precision on which hits land can be set in GameDif.py
just change “TYPE” to one of the options above it

Btw, awesome fighting game, you HAVE TO finish it someday, it loks awesome, and could be great. Btw the python scripts look like a hell of a coding work. Holy script O_o

This game is absolutly wonderful. If you turn all the lights off, crank up the sound and really get into the game it can scare the wits out of you. Excelent game although it does need to be finished. I really enjoyed walking into the room and then see the ghost appear out of no where. And the door knocking in the library? Very exelent work.

here is an update the only thing changed is you don’t need a full python install to play
let me know if it doesnt work :slight_smile: