Horror game in blender??

Is there ever made a Horror game in blender?(scary game)
i havent heared of annyone, pleas tell me if you know anny


hellstation was scary. that eevil bird!!!

no, I don’t think so, and it would be difficult to get something of a quality to remotely be scary. these days it must be a combination of multiple factors (environment, characters, sounds) which is difficult to achieve.

well, annyways, i am making a horror game now, (been working on it in 1 year soon,) its getting big, 52.3mb.And it is not 1BIG blender file if you think that lol, it looks like a real game, + the gamma problem is resolved… well annyways, i lay our some screenshots later.
By the way, it is a FPS game(FirstPersoneShoter)

ok cool nor.j keep it coming show me some pics on msn :smiley:

:smiley: Yeah, well it’s awesome, I mean what can I say more, just keep working on it. :stuck_out_tongue: And I can say, it is really scary, well at last, the first time I … euh, oeps lol. (zippp ‘shut up’) Well it wasn’t me.

I’m looking forwards NOR.J to your full release. 8)

hey coo! they are my favorite kind of game
I look foward to playing it X)

Sounds interesting NOR.J!

Question: How did you resolve the gamma problem?

Please, some screenshots!

come on show some screenshots! :smiley: we love to see screens of the games :wink:

I will update my homepage soon, with some screenshots of the game. But no demo. there will be no demo, only a relese when the game is finished.(a beta verson to the beta testers first :wink: )
I will lay out some music from the game.

Well… something about the weft??? Please???

weft?, what is that?
you mean the history in the game and some info??
That will come in the update :slight_smile:

My english it’s horrible :expressionless:
I found “weft” in the dictionary :expressionless:

ok, no harm done :slight_smile: .(im not a master in english.)

But NOR.J, can you at least give us your solution to the gamma problem, or is that a secret???

well, i think many people know it, but they want to have it a secreet thil they have ,made a game and they relese it and get the honor, but i will tell you all that when i update my site with some screenshots…

I thought this community was here for people to share solutions.
Well, maybe I’m wrong. :-?

Well I think he just want to make us saying, Hell yea, I want to play it. :smiley: Well that’s what I want now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it is for share solutions.

ok, you make 1 .exe file thats start an .blend file.In the .blend file the gamma problem is gone.
i was going to say that on my homepage when i update it i think i said that some times before? :-?