Horror Game (Unnamed) - WIP - Suspended

Welcome to my first Thread on this site (;
I started to make a simple horror game. I have no name for the game.

Story: You are a student who stay alone in a flat. One night you hear mysterious noises in the basement.

Genre: FPS/RPG/Horror

Setting: The Game will be set in the basement of a house.

Team: Currently im working alone. (maybe someone want to help me?!)

WIP Video (I’ve finished the concept of the apartment) :


Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

Looks like you put some work into it. Great job so far!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ll upload a update video today.

The basic Idea is good – even though it reminds me of Silent Hill 4 and Project Zero 3 (Fatal Frame 3 for the Most on this Forum) the basic Idea will always make for a good Base. But that makes me wonder: What is the Gameplay supposed to be like? You didn’t mention what the Player is supposed to fight (what Kind of Enemies) and how the Player is supposed to fight them. I would, as well, consider it could be some Sort of an Adventure Game without actually fighting Enemies, but you didn’t mention that among the Genre Types. And for a »Run away« Game (like Clock Tower or Haunted Ground) the Scenario would be way too small.

Just a little update (finished apartment concept)

Im now working on the stairs and i try to create more details in the apartment.
After that i’ll start with the basement…

New Update:

Try to set the camera’s Focal Length/FOV to 20 mm instead of your current FOV because this zoomed in look isn’t very ideal.

Thank you for the tip it looks better now.

Nice work so far, it’s very colorful for a horror game! I assume you’re not using GLSL?

Thanks. (:
It’s very colorful because it’s just the beginning. I will change the light setup later and i’m using GLSL. ;D

New Update, very dark video.

While working on the basement i found a problem. Maybe it’ a “noob” question but I hope you can help me.
The problem is the shadows of the wall.

Chances are that either your normal maps are messed up. Or you haven’t oriented the meshes normals properly. Or a combination of both.

Thanks the normals were wrong. But I had not thought of.

Most horror games that I’ve experienced pay close attention to lighting. Everything isn’t black, or really even close. It’s a combinations of darker blues, both saturated and desaturated. Use light color to determine the mood of the scene. Lighting is very very important in level design.

@ The Red Hand
I don’t do everything at one time. First I work out a concept, then I’m working on the details.
I’ve played a lot of horror games and i know what is important. (: