Horror game

Hey, I’m here’s my shotgun I’m using for my Horror game.
Tell me what you think.

Go for resident evil… or make a skull shotgun, made from the very old breed of evil spawn called skull… use the Skulls cock bone to model around and make a very horrible shotgun for you to put your mits on.

I think it’s fine. It seems very complete, apart from colours. If you’ve seen resident evil you may know what I’m on about (the broken shotgun, looked cruddy as hell).

I truely believe that that shotgun could look even better than someone TRYING to make a good shotgun for a horror game. That shotgun is the best I’ve seen… and I ain’t taking the micheal…

I am not joking… whack it in your game and scare the hell out of people… they’ll think “My God is this shotgun going to actually work? this shotgun is scaring me”

The shotgun WILL work, and it WILL physically scare people by it’s appearance.

You still may think I’m joking :<

Thanks burnhard, no I havent played resident evil. Could you send me a pic or a make a sketch of the Skull gun?
BTW, I’ll have some of my creatures posted in a few days.

Here’s one of the creatures for my game. I’m still deciding if I should give it a head or make a stump neck…