Horror Preview

Ok guys this is a preview of what I have in store for my game entry. Get a peek while you can because the image won’t last long.


Why? Low bandwidth?

Man, those are scary! :o Can’t wait untill it comes out!

yeshuawatso: If you want I can be your provider for game contest project. I’ve got unlimited bandwidth here and ftp acces from everywhere. Just pm me if you want to have some webspace. :smiley:

Btw your character looks defently very good, nice textures and I think with realtime lightning it even looks more horrible then now. :wink:

thats really cool dude, i like the game engine ver better :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, looking good yoshi! :slight_smile: good texturing…cant wait to see it moving in the game.

The bandwith shouldn’t be slow. It’s not on my end at the office or at home (which is dail-up). But if it continues to run slow then I’ll change server’s probably to JD’s.

Nice job yeshuawatso, that texture looks very familliar…

For the record though, I think I like your zombie model better than Psionic’s :wink:


Nice job yeshuawatso, that texture looks very familliar…

Getting rid of the scary look, the jeans and the skin looks slightly like wiseman303’s entry for the character contest. If I remember correctly…

But, Wow that’s a pretty nice looking character so far. Hehe, more like a bad guy that I’d like to kill. Hmm, that’s the same model right so how come the bumpmapping shows up better on the rendered version? There’s a difference, but for some odd reason the texture for the head looks better in the Game Engine.

Great Work!!! Can’t wait to see the game for the contest.

Jason Lin