Horror Skull (#13 of My Skull Artwork Collection)

Number 13 of my skull art series!
I know I said the last one will be the last for a while, but you guys have been loving these, some people say these should be NFT’s and I am not entirely sure I want to make these NFT’s mainly because I don’t get alot of traffic. that being said, if anyone has a foundry account and wants to invite me, feel free.

Anyways to the cool story with this one… so like I have said in the past my skull artwork series is for me to test new things I come across, and today I came across Antoine Bagattini’s really cool Symbiote Generator. Antoine or those in the blender community would refer him to “Baga” is responsible for the Bagapie modifier, a really awesome addon for blender but I digress. it is really cool and is what helped make this awesome effect you see, which is based on a symbiote, more so Carnage than anything for the fans out there…

for those who are curious though. My instagram story I put up a bit ago really doesn’t match with this one, mainly because of the blue in the image. well that’s another one in the works, I am just hashing out how I can make this one work. but It will look awesome!

Check out the Symbiote Simulation here: Click Here

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anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you all have an awesome day!


I loved the concept. I just think that the surface of the fleshy material could be a bit less bumpy. Maybe it would give it a more liquid or moist appearance. Anyway, you are the artist, I am only guessing here.

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Or maybe the “bumps” I see are just light noise. I have no idea.

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I actually had a tough time in post with that. The top right of the image had loads of bumps and it got the light too much. A very experienced Photoshop user may notice the use of the stamp tool in that area. But yeah, I did say to myself that the bumps and roughness seem abit off

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At some points, they look a bit like over-exposure clipping. Did you render it using filmic? Did you clamp any light?

Another thing I would like to ask. It’s not really a problem, depending on the idea you want to pass.
Is that SSS effect or translucent effect on the skull really your intention? Like the skull is losing density because of something? Cause bones are not so translucent. That’s why I believe there is a story there.

SSS. and it is rather dense. I added a bit of blue in the colourgrading stage but it seems to be giving off the idea that its less dense than it actually is… also yes, I was using filmic. and that’s odd, I tried to stay away from clipping. I kind of chalked that up to the roughness of the fleshy goo and was going to do another render but I really couldn’t find a better lighting scenario so I went with what I had

Could it be that you were using a single light source and you needed to make it too strong to have some light in the darker areas? Maybe adjusting the intensity, size and putting something around to reflect a bit of light on the darker areas could help a bit. If your light source is too small it tends to create those highlights and to be less efficient to spread around the scene.

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Anyway, you don’t need to care so much for my opinions. I am just going too far, Sorry. You work is really great.

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I tend to stay away from point lights. I would say that it leaves such a big highlight due to the nature of the material. The material of the goo wasn’t really my making, I did make some adjustments but it wasn’t really a huge fuss for me, though your opinion is valuable. I enjoy talking this stuff with people so don’t feel sorry :blush:
and thanks :slight_smile:

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Did you change the specular value of the material? You know that blender Principled shader has always the specular value on 0.5, but water has a specular of 0.25. This could make some change.

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Nah, I knew to keep it at its default with this one

Yes, you are right. Specular don’t make any change in transmission materials too.

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