Horse Model and Rig

Great work, I love this model and in particular this rig! Does anyone have a rigged “Link” from Legend of Zelda? Seriously though, I am working on a fully rigged female human with some swords and most likely a medieval theme to her outfit. I’m also going to release the blend file under CC like you and it would be cool to see how the two rigs work combined for horse and rider.

Once again, fantastic job and thankyou very much for releasing the .blend!


BenDansie: Thank you, you read my mind! I have been wanting to model link ever since I started 3D:yes:. I just didn’t feel I could do him justice:spin:. Now I think I could;).

As for your female warrior, I hope it turns out great!

Here is a link to the videos folder on my 4shared account. It has some good reference videos of horses. Anybody that has some good reference videos can upload if they want.

I will upload some more as soon as I can.

A few test renders nothing special.

Messing around with cornell boxes. The render was really fast and I am not happy about the positioning or the way I changed the rig but I learnt a little so meh?

I’m not able to download the file from 4shared. A file downloads but it’s 0 bytes. I’d really like to see it though, so if anybody can repost it elsewhere I’d be grateful.


Here is a link using polorix uploader

How did you do that, i need some help making my own horse model, do you have reference photos or blueprints?

Yes I have a lot of reference photos, but God still hasn’t gotten back to me on those blueprints yet:D

The best advice I can give you is to pick a breed of horse and use only photos or video of that breed. For example I used the Barb breed as reference for my model. But you can use whatever you want as long as you are consistent.

It’s an astonishing and useful model, you’ve been very gentle to release the .blend. Thank you very much!

Your welcome! I hope to have version 2.0 done by Christmas, and it will have a whole lot of improvements:yes: