horse referance images?

while helping a friend of mine on a movie I find myself having to model a horse. While this would normally be no trouble, I can’t seem to find any good referance pictures. It seems people only take pictures of horses at flattering angles in action poses, not good for modelling at all. So, if any of you out there know where I can find better (I have some ok side views, just nothing else, and they’re not that great), or can take some photos it’d be very helpful.

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thanks… has many pictures of horses. You may have to do a bit searching to find some really good ones, but there should be something there you can use.

Be sure to read the TOS, their site is probably worth the time. I wonder about what they say about getting the location/actor/etc releases for the photos, though.

Scroll down to Muybridge’s foto’s - with a nice gif animation too


Modelling a horse too! I used lots of photos and some books. But I mostly googled for the images. What kind(breed) of horse are you modelling? So I could help find a reference or photo.

Here are some threads on CGtalk on horse modelling (Some of them have references or at least refers to some sites):

I will try to compile a list of my references and post it later.

Hope it helps